MARCH 11, 1997


Minneapolis, MN -- In a move that took many by complete surprise today, the ABC Broadcasting / Disney conglomeration took over the airwaves of REV 105 FM at approximately 1:30pm CST with their new "active rock" format under the moniker of "X-105, Pure Rock".

According to sources, ABC/Disney, which already controls the KQRS 92 and KEGE 93.7 stations, had been in negotiations with Cargill Communications, former owner of REV 105, for well over a week prior to the events of today. It was even quoted on CHANNEL 4000 later in the evening that "the deal was too good to pass up," implying that Cargill Communications was in fact actively seeking a buyer for the award-winning alternative music station.

Sources also revealed the brusque manner in which ABC/Disney went about taking possession of the station and it's airwaves. It is rumored that officials with ABC/Disney waited until Program Director Kevin Cole was aboard a plane headed for the South By SouthWest (SXSW) music conference before taking over the station today.

The apparent reason for the take-over of REV 105 is purely financial and logistical. Sources say that ABC/Disney desperately wanted to pull a pre-emptive strike against BOB 100 FM, which seems to have plans to switch over to the "active rock" format (featuring such artists as Van Halen, Great White, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, etc) in the very near future as well as feature Howard Stern's broadcast.

Meanwhile, loyal REV listeners and supporters are left in a state of shock and mourning over the loss of their beloved station and wondering what could possibly fill the gaping hole that used to contain the friendly sounds of REV's diverse and knowledgeable DJs. ABC/Disney representatives were quoted on CHANNEL 4000 as "wishing to keep present staff" on at the new X-105, but one has to wonder how the "present staff" feels about such prospects after the turn of events today.

Literally yanking the plug on a station that was actively involved in the local community will be felt deeply for some time to come. The community won't have the benefit of being highlighted and supported through the "Share Us With A Charity" contest. Local music venues now have one less sponsor for musical events. Local musicians have lost an amazing resource for breaking onto the airwaves. And the avid listeners and businesses have lost interactions from the former REV Card Specials.

As the day progressed into night, the listeners and supporters of REV 105 got mobilized. The net started seeing messages posted and suggestions starting to be offered. Groups made spur-of-the-moment plans to meet and discuss and plan and mourn. REV Chat Room regulars pulled together a meeting of 20 to 30 people at Dulono's on Lake Street after 9:30pm and one ponders how many other similar gatherings were taking place at other establishments around the metro.

Whether or not it's too late for action remains to be seen. REV listeners seem to know not to count out their champion just yet. Organization is happening right now and more will undoubtedly happen in the days to come. Petitions and mailing lists are being formed and signed. People are calling people. Friends are offering their support. And the lost flock of Revolution Radio waits with ears pricked towards the sky, listening for that familiar voice saying, "Peace... Love... and Rock 'N Roll."

-- written by j.